Information and Communication Technology

The ICT service delivery in PMGC has matured into a well-rounded professional management service department.

Our clients cut across diverse industries and business sizes. Our professionals have proved their mettle in using PMGC service model to render services to our clientele in Government, banking, oil & gas, aviation, telecommunication, etc.

The services include:

Technology Management: We deploy best practices to manage the ICT function through conducting Baseline Analysis, Benchmarking, and ICT Skills Analysis/Development to contain costs and improve productivity

Technology Integration: This service focuses on rationalizing existing systems and infrastructure within a reengineering focus in order to improve communication and information flow. We knit technology together to work for you having imbued it with intelligence

ICT Assessment/Review/Due Diligence: This is an end to end diagnostic of the ICT organization during which we typically address the effectiveness and efficiency of the IT Organization

Enabling Technologies/IT Outsourcing

IT Strategy and Architecture: We assist organizations to develop technology vision/direction in line with the corporate strategy so as to maximize the effectiveness of technology

Integrated Vendor Solutions: These are services designed to maximize operational and financial performance through the selection and implementation of appropriate software packages

ICT Training/Capacity Building: In building staff capacity, we adopt an approach that maximizes learning. We educate and we train. Our ICT training ranges from one-to-one to tailor-made implant training and generalized training in all aspects of ICT.