Strategic Planning and Business Re-engineering

The Strategic and business development unit of the firm helped various organizations in formulating and implementing winning strategies.

Some of the assignments include corporate and business unit strategies, revenue generation strategies and methods, cost reduction action plan and implementation, corporate planning strategies and acquisition, and acquisition and diversification strategies.

Our funding and marketing unit is staffed by versatile professionals in finance and marketing. Their experience covers market surveys – qualitative and quantitative, marketing and economic research, market and population surveys, questionnaire application for market determination, market strategy planning, evaluation of a proposed new project and appraisal of its viability including funding assistance, etc.

Our specific services are:

  • Strategies in the areas of management, finance, market, operation and information technology
  • Product and services re-engineering.
  • Change management
  • SWOT analysis and recommendations.
  • Corporate planning, including short, medium and long range plans.
  • Privatization support for both divesting and investing organizations. We assist with due diligence investigation, feasibility studies and business plans, funding sourcing, management support and rehabilitation.